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JHU Film Festival Starts Tomorrow


JHFF14 Poster

The Johns Hopkins Annual Film Festival, sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Film Society, begins tomorrow.  The rest of the movies will be shown Shriver Hall on the Hopkins Homewood Campus. The festival highlights films from independent, international, and student filmmakers, seeking to promote the films and careers of visionary filmmakers via a highly selective showcase of  about 20 films.  Organizers have selected a few important, influential films to be screened on 35MM prints.

The feature presentations this year include Vincent Gallo’s original and disarming triple crown of indie filmmaking, Buffalo ‘66 (1998), at The Charles Theater (with a special dinner-and-a-movie deal presented by the festival and Lost City Diner), Arthur Penn’s brilliant milestone in American cinema, Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Albert Magnoli’s glorified-music-video of a cult classic, Purple Rain (1984), starring Prince, and Edward Sedgwick’s silent classic The Cameraman (1928), starring Buster Keaton. This is a rare opportunity to watch these films projected on 35MM on the third-largest screen in Maryland.