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Judge Awards Stolen Renoir to the BMA



We just received the following statement from the Baltimore Museum of Art regarding the stolen Renoir:

The Baltimore Museum of Art is pleased that the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia has awarded ownership of the stolen Renoir painting, On the Shore of the Seine, to the Museum.

For more information on this story, read Fate of Mysterious Renoir to be Decided Today

The Flea Market Renoir Plot Thickens



I remember when I thought the story of the flea market Renoir (previously covered here, here, and here) was like something out of a romantic comedy:  a lady out browsing flea markets on a Sunday morning buys a box of junk for $7, only to discover that the small painting she purchased is actually by an Impressionist master. But now that more details about the woman and her story are coming out, it’s sounding as though the film version would be less like a romantic comedy, and more like a film noir. Nothing, it appears, is as it seems.

Details Emerge About the Mysterious “Renoir Girl”



For a few months now, all we knew about the mysterious “Renoir Girl” was that she had stumbled upon a painting by the Impressionist Master in a $7 box of “junk” she bought at a West Virginia flea market. Now, thanks to some industrious sleuthing by the Washington Post, we know who she is — and that her story isn’t as clear-cut as it previously seemed.

Baltimore Native Buys Lost Renoir for $7 at a Flea Market, Initially Tries to Destroy It


This kind of thing doesn’t ever really happen, does it? A Baltimore native, currently living in Virginia, bought a painting by Renoir at a flea market a couple years ago — for seven dollars. And she didn’t even want it. What she really wanted were the plastic cow and the Paul Bunyan doll. But she had to buy the whole box of stuff together, and the painting was included.