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Beth Am Series Explores the Endangerment of the Free Press


By Aliza Friedlander

David Simon doesn’t mince words when discussing President Donald Trump’s disdain for the media. He calls it “the rhetoric of straight-up fascism.”

Judge Tosses Out ACLU’s Lawsuit Against Baltimore Police Over Gag Orders in Brutality Cases

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A judge today tersely dismissed a First Amendment case brought against the City of Baltimore by the ACLU of Maryland over gag orders for police brutality accusers.

“We Love God + Chick-fil-A”: Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Gather for Sandwiches in Abingdon

Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy

Sometimes an issue is so divisive and politically charged that even something as irrelevant as a fast food chain can become a rallying symbol for one camp and an effigy for the other. And of course that’s exactly what happened to the Georgia-based chicken sandwich “restaurant” Chick-fil-A after president Dan Cathy defended his company’s donations to anti-gay organizations. Supporters of gay marriage have been staging protests at locations across the country, while opponent Mike Huckabee called for a “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.”