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Sartorial Baltimoreal: Artscape Edition


The most fun thing to do at Artscape is to wander around and stare at other Artscape attendees. While the heat reduced some visitors to hot-weather basics (tank tops, shorts, and flip flops), other Baltimoreans used the event to showcase their personal style. A few of our favorites below.

Photos by Liz Donadio; style spotting by Donna Sellinger.

Donte Williams: “I just woke up and threw stuff on!”

Jen Tydings of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society: “I’m just doing a Viking thing today.”


Tyrone Powe:  “I felt like I ran out of clothes, so I just threw on anything. I knew that jewelry would help me out.”


Angelo Thomas is a stylist at Matthew John’s Salon.

Scouting for Talent in Roland Park


Virginia Bertholet – Producer

Virginia was sitting against the south wall of Eddie’s of Roland Park when we approached her–the graffiti framed her cute face. She was on a conference call. Ten minutes later we talked.


 What made you put those black sneakers on this morning? They are very funky.

They are fake Vans. I got them at Target! I love Vans.

How ’bout that scarf? It makes the outfit with all that color!

I always wear scarves. This is from World Market! 

Your style is very urban. What do you do?

I’m a producer. We are scouting for a commercial right now. We love Baltimore (she lives in Richmond) because it is so centrally located. We bring talent here from New York and DC.

You seem to dress with ease: all black with statement making accessories and a pop of color. 

Well I mostly wear black. I just lost 35 pounds!!

That’s great! How’d you lose it?

Eat less. Exercise more.

Yeah, that usually does it…

At that point a man and a woman dressed in all-black walked up and Virginia was off. A little bit of Hollywood in Roland Park!