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Want to See If Baltimore Will Be Washed Away in the Global Warming Apocalypse? There’s an app for that…


I know that my father would be disappointed if I fell for “that global warming crap.” So Dad, consider the following merely a thought experiment: What if the climate change camp is right, what then?

Well the liberal Chicken Littles and environmental extremist wacko scientists over at Climate Central have released new figures about coastal flooding due to rising seas. They estimate that seas will rise a meter by the year 2100, which would (if it were true, but of course it’s not) make vulnerable to flooding not only areas that sit within three feet of sea level, but anywhere that sits within three feet of high tide.

To see how you yourself might fair in this scenario, Climate Central has created a web page where you input your zip code and drag a water level bar to see your chances of survival decrease over time. Baltimore actually doesn’t fair so poorly, considering. Check out Florida, yikes! I mean, whatever. It’s just some Al Gore scam.