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Lock in the Finishing Touches to Your Outdoor Living Space–Gristmill Landscaping

gristmill_550x800article-e139662060744411Accent Lighting at Gristmill Landscaping

Lighting provides the final finishing touch, enhancing textures, creating mystery in the shadows, and illuminating perceptions. Lighting extends time spent in enjoyment into the evening hours in solitude, or with family and guests. Lighting designed to illuminate. Moonlighting, uplighting, pathlighting, focused lighting, Bob’s approach is to use multiple low key light sources and at times, no lighting at all.

Twilight and darkness can also stimulate the senses, sounds and fragrances of the night.

Unique Stone Pieces for Outdoor Living Spaces at Gristmill Landscaping

(from the Gristmill Landscaping website)

A walkabout through the Gristmill exhibit gardens and nursery offers an opportunity to view a collection of unique stone carvings, objects of art, animal sculptures, benches and tables, placed as they might appear in your planned environment. Much of The Gristmill Collection is unique and exclusive in our area, many of the pieces designed by Bob. Fountains to firepits, antique millstones and watertroughs from Asia… all bring a special patina to the landscape. Granite, sandstone, slabs of jade, are some of the raw materials put to use, with pieces scaled for the smallest urban courtyard to large estate properties.

Let Gristmill Landscape a Waterfall Into Your Life


(from Gristmill Landscaping site)

Pools and ponds, shallow and deep, waterfalls, streams and brooks, fast and slow, the sound of a delicate trickle to the roar of a twenty foot drop, water in the landscape brings another powerful element into the cast. A tranquility not just to be seen, but experienced and appreciated, by you, your guests, and the wildlife that quickly move in.

The mesmerizing sounds of water are among the most rewarding features you can place in your landscape.

Be it the tranquility of a gentle flow from a Japanese water feature, the sounds created by water cascading over an antique stone water trough, or the drama of a waterfall rippling downward into a reflective pool or pond. All to be enjoyed by your family and guests with the added pleasure from many songbirds. Yes, the sound of water is magical.