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Harbor Point Developer Promises to Do the City One Better



For commercial projects that receive financial assistance from the city, Baltimore typically requires that 37 percent of the businesses hired to complete the project be minority- or women-owned. But Beatty Development Group, the firm that is looking to develop Harbor Point, has already set its own hiring goal at 38 percent, a move that the president of the Maryland Washington Minority Companies Association called “very forward-thinking.”

And according to Shina Parker, president of the African American Commercial Real Estate Professionals Association, Beatty Development has already demonstrated its commitment to hiring minorities

“Probably the Worst Piece of Legislation I’ve Ever Seen”



The proposed 28-acre Harbor Point development project — which the Baltimore Sun points out would essentially create a whole waterfront neighborhood out of thin air — has attracted hordes of naysayers.

Not only do many question the economic and employment projections of the project (some of the “new” jobs would really be old jobs relocated from other neighborhoods, and the economic boost of Harbor Point may come partly at the expense of other business districts), but they also object to the $107 million in assistance from the city in the form of tax increment financing.

Downtown property owners largely oppose the tax deal, and Baltimore clergy gave the developers a long list of demands to put money toward various community programs before they would give their endorsement.