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Why is the Weather So Weird on Game of Thrones? Johns Hopkins Grad Students Have a Complicated Answer…


In HBO’s gory, sword-porn epic Game of Thrones (based on the novels by George R.R. Martin), the seasons are all out of whack:  summer lasts a decade, and everyone’s always ominously intoning that winter is coming. Most fans just shrug and accept the rules of the fantasy universe, but one dedicated group of Johns Hopkins graduate students has taken things a bit farther:  they’ve come up with an astronomical justification for the weird weather, complete with charts, equations, and footnotes.

Made-in-Maryland, “VEEP” Preview


Everyone is raving about VEEP, the HBO comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and shot in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland. Our own David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun called it “brilliant” and the Washington Post liked it too.  If the trailer, above, is any indication, the show is sure to be a winner.


Made-in-Maryland Movie “Game Change”: Look for These Baltimore Spots


This past weekend HBO movie “Game Change” premiered.  We’ll leave the review to our favorite TV critic, The Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik, but whether you liked the film or not (I did), there is a little thrill for Baltimoreans of every political stripe when scenes of the region appear on screen.  Early in the movie, Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin takes the initial call from John McCain while she’s at a state fair with her kids.  That’s really Six Flags.  At the end of the movie, when the McCain operatives are having a drink?  That’s the Explorer’s Lounge at the Harbor Court Hotel.  The rope line Sarah Palin walks?  It’s Goucher College.  Look also for The Valley Inn, the Tremont Hotel, and an unmistakable view of the Walgreen’s at the southwest corner of St. Paul’s and Fayette.  Let us know if you saw something we missed.  The film shows again on HBO Monday night at 9 p.m.

HBO’s "Game Change," Shot in Maryland, Premieres Sat.


Game Change, which was filmed in and around Baltimore, will have its D.C. premiere tomorrow night at the Newseum — star Julianne Moore and executive producer Tom Hanks are rumored to attend — and a screening in Baltimore on Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Landmark. (Okay, so not as glamorous as the D.C. premiere, but free popcorn and parking!) Both events are invitation only. 

The controversial movie, based on the bestselling book of the same name, airs on Saturday at 9 p.m. on HBO. It follows John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, from his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate to the ticket’s ultimate defeat. Judging by the trailer (see it on our homepage), Moore as Palin and Harris as McCain give eerily accurate portrayals — at least in mannerisms and body language — of the two conservative icons.  The movie also stars Woody Harrelson as McCain operative Steve Schmidt. Baltimore Sun TV Critic David Zurawick describes Moore’s and Harris’s performances as “uncanny” and deems Harrelson’s “Emmy-caliber.”

HBO and Maryland have had a long and successful relationship, shooting both The Wire and The Corner here and recently wrapping the series VEEP in Maryland. The filming of Game Change added approximately 160 local production crew and 1,800 local acting and extras jobs to the state economy, according to Governor O’Malley’s website .