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Former Hooters Waitress Allegedly Contracts TB from Inner Harbor Location

No seriously, I go there for the wings... um and the TB.

At a certain ostensibly owl-themed restaurant in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, you may find something even more anachronistic than hot pants and scrunch socks: namely, tuberculosis.

As flip as that just was, it’s really no joke for 19-year-old former Hooters waitress, Jheri Stratton, who has been in treatment and under quarantine for the past seven months — SEVEN MONTHS! — after being diagnosed with active tuberculosis. She allegedly contracted it from a manager at the restaurant (co-workers also tested positive for TB, but of latent or nonactive kinds).

Stratton told The Baltimore Sun that her employers initially “had no sympathy.” Well, perhaps they’re beginning to come around. In May, Stratton was awarded worker’s compensation from Hooters for lost wages and medical bills.

According to the Center for Disease Control, tuberculosis requires prolonged, day-in-day-out exposure to contract, so even if Harborplace’s Hooters is a source for the disease, customers are not at risk. Even so, I think until further notice if I crave chicken wings and cleavage I’m going to opt for take-out from a pizza place and a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.