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The Gift: Equestrian Napkin Rings from Halcyon House


The Gift

What it is: These unique napkin rings from Halcyon House feature a variety of equestrian images. Each set contains four (of the same image), so you can choose your favorite, or collect them all– perfect for your larger dinner gatherings. $85-$165 per set.

Who it’s perfect for:

Horse Lovers: This is kind of a no-brainer, but if you know anyone who loves horses, you know that they also love horse paraphernalia, horse art, horse jewelry– all of it. And while they likely already have some horse paintings, or a horse mousepad or a horse sweater (or three), how often are they likely to come upon horse napkin rings? Plus, they’re so elegant that’s it’s a nice way of helping keep your loved one’s obsession looking classy.

Your Maryland Thanksgiving Hostess: Going to a relative’s house for Thanksgiving? If you’re staying in-state, where horse racing is a point of pride and a piece of our history, you can impress your hosts (and their other guests) with a lovely gift of these gorgeous napkin rings. You can keep it only vaguely equestrian with the fox design, or go super specific with the riding hat or saddle.

“The Hunt” equestrian napkin rings are available at Halcyon House Antiques (11219 Greenspring Avenue in Lutherville). For more information, visit www.halcyonhouseantiques.com.