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GreenLaurel: Does Your Next Car Make a Difference to Our Climate?

An electric-fueled (EV) car charged at a home switched to cheaper-than-BGE-electricity is emission-free.


The average two cars that your family tootles around in contribute about 40 percent of your family’s 48,800 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year (see below). Check out how your car’s emissions stack up, and consider switching to a sedan, a hybrid or an electric vehicle to lighten your CO2 load. Then, take two minutes and switch your home to green energy and you’ll be part of the solution. These individual actions can’t come at a more critical time for our climate. The planet just hit historic CO2 levels.

Johns Hopkins Freshman Builds a Car, Makes it from DC to New York on One Gallon of Gas



Kids these days do the darndest things. Take Rami Bedewi, a freshman at Johns Hopkins. As a kid, Bedewi built model cars, but by the time he was in high school he was ready for something a bit more challenging. So he constructed a one-seat hybrid vehicle that can travel from New York to D.C. on one gallon of gas. Just, you know, for fun.