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They Found the Dance Walking Guru, Baltimore! (Plus, Trend Goes Global!)


Roving (and rocking and rolling) reporter Ben Aaron of NBC-LXTV — who moves like a triple-tall Mick Jagger — started a global trend the day he casually introduced Dance Walking on his news segment. Nineteen million viewers have now screened the original video that features kids and grannies grooving to tunes on Fifth Avenue. Over 60 countries are participating in Dance Walk; Dance Walking Facebook groups abound – in Seattle, Sweden, North Carolina, New York, and Baltimore… We love this news! Our local group’s still alive and well and meeting every Tuesday morning at 10 to dance-walk their way about the Druid Hill reservoir. If you’ve been curious to try the workout but felt a bit self-conscious, don’t hold back – it’s suddenly an officially acceptable sport (of sorts).

Recently, after spending days searching the streets of New York and handing out fliers, Aaron located the Dance Walk Guru himself, “Joe from Brooklyn,” the man whose disco-trained public moves inspired Aaron to mimicry. “Joe” maintained that he has no digital connection and hadn’t heard a peep about the funky phenomenon he accidentally began.