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Towson-based InferCabulary app uses visuals, context clues to teach vocabulary words

An example of what users can find on the InferCabulary app, including a vocabulary word, related pictures and their accompanying captions. Image courtesy of InferCabulary.

A visual vocabulary-learning app that is looking to change the way students learn and comprehend language recently received a $250,000 joint investment from the University System of Maryland’s Momentum Fund, which supports early-stage companies.

InferCabulary, an app developed by speech and language pathologists Beth Lawrence and Deena Seifert, displays one vocabulary word at a time, accompanied by a collection of pictures, and has students infer a definition for that word based on context clues in the images.

Pugh launches $55 million investment fund for underinvested communities

Mayor Pugh addresses the media at her May 2 press conference. Image via Facebook Live.

Mayor Catherine Pugh today announced the city will start a nonprofit to invest in distressed neighborhoods that have for years been passed over for development.

Ex-Ravens RB Justin Forsett is Going on ‘Shark Tank’ to Pitch his Body Wipes

Photo by Keith Allison, via Wikimedia Commons

Ex-Ravens running back Justin Forsett will be on TV this weekend pitching his shower-alternative body wipes to some celebrity investors.

Old Goucher Neighborhood Group Submits its Own Bid for Amazon’s HQ2

State Center, one of several sites mentioned in the Old Goucher Neighborhood Association’s application. Photo via Google StreetView

As city leaders and developers were pouring hundreds of hours into their Port Covington pitch for Amazon’s future second North American headquarters, a neighborhood group was quietly assembling its own application for HQ2.

Kevin Plank: ‘Wall Street Can Count on Us,’ President Trump ‘A Real Asset’ for U.S.

Still from video via CNBC

In a one-on-one interview on CNBC yesterday, Under Armour CEO divulged that he really does like Donald Trump and remained confident that his company will overcome its recent struggles in the year ahead.

Under Armour’s Credit Ratings Plummet After Earnings Miss, CFO’s Departure

Under Armour’s headquarters, photo via Wikimedia Commons

Analysts have set a very poor outlook for Baltimore’s most beloved sportswear manufacturer after the company announced this week that it missed its earnings mark for the fourth quarter of 2016 and has reduced its growth expectations for 2017.

Ranking Places Baltimore Among the Best Cities For Building Wealth



Baltimore is among the most favorable places for you to build up your savings, according to a list compiled by financial services firm Bankrate.

Maryland VC Firm NEA Raises Historically Huge Fund


You may not have money for a summer vacation, but there is money floating around out there.

Dealbook is reporting that Maryland venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates, which had its start in Baltimore and has a Baltimore office, just raised an astounding $2.6 billion fund, “one of the largest in venture capital history.” The figure is not only remarkable for its size, but for the rapidity with which the Bethesda-based company was able to raise the money.

Facebook’s IPO: A Good Investment? U of MD Prof Says, Maybe


This story was originally published on Feb. 1, 2012, but given today’s Facebook IPO, we thought we’d re-run it. – The Eds.

Rumor has it that Facebook is set to file an IPO in the near future. No doubt, this will be a big deal. Not only is Facebook omnipresent in our social lives, its also helping shape our economy. A few months ago, a study showed that Facebook apps have created 182,000 jobs worth more than $12 billion. So is investing in Facebook a good idea?

Well, maybe, according to Gerard Hoberg, associate professor of finance at the University of Maryland. In the pro-column:  Facebook is already huge, and it seems like it’s here to stay. And word on the street that Morgan Stanley is underwriting the IPO. “History shows that IPOs underwritten by strong names… tend to be successful investments,” Hoberg points out. But the big question is growth. Is it possible for Facebook to get bigger than it already is? “How much upside is left?” Hoberg wonders. “Although the first day return for Facebook will likely be substantial, its long-term outlook may be average for the industry.”

So invest or not, as you see fit… but prepared for a whole lot more Facebook in your future.