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iPhones Meet Museum. Magic Results.


Not all museums are monuments to the past. In the internet age, even collections as venerable as those at the Walters Art Museum are getting an upgrade thanks to innovative use of technology, allowing museumgoers to have a whole new relationship with the art on the wall.

For the next month, visitors to the Walters can play around with Peer One, a video project organized by wi-fi artist Kari Altmann. Altmann turned to her online collective of video artists, designers, bloggers, and other digitally-minded creative types, asking them to create video responses to objects in the museum’s permanent collection. “Altmann… encouraged them to place the museum’s objects into a contemporary informational, commercial and cultural context,” the museum notes.

What this means for you is that you can download a 16-video tour of the collection on your favorite portable device. Then visit the corresponding 16 works of art, and watch the corresponding video. A pdf provides additional context about each work. Old media and new media getting friendly — this is definitely the museum of the future!