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A Roundup of Baltimore’s Best Valentine Cards


Gone are the days when we made valentines in school out of paper plates and doilies, relishing guilt-free in the seemingly unlimited craft supplies, and handing out democratically the finished product to everyone we knew. Sure we might celebrate with friends, or secretly hope for a homemade card from the kids, but let’s face it: We are adults now, by golly, and we usually have to narrow it down to one special valentine these days. We all know to book the reservations in advance, and pick up the flowers, but who has time to make a card? Still, nothing says “I love you” quite like that timeless tradition of writing those exact words. 

MICA and Johns Hopkins (and James Brown) Team Up to Make Lab Safety Cool


Lab safety:  not the hippest subject, we’ll admit. But getting your hair singed off or losing a foot to an errant Erlenmeyer flask isn’t particularly cool, either. Because Johns Hopkins students are famously fond of both flip flops and long nights in the lab, the school recently realized it was going to need a much more intense campaign to convince students to engage in safe science lab behavior. Enter MICA’s graphic designers, who could make pretty much anything seem appealing…. even safety goggles.