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“Relentlessly Gay” Baltimore Woman Fights Back



An Overlea woman discovered a surprising–and shockingly unneighborly–note yesterday. It accused her of making her yard “relentlessly gay” (she has a string of rainbow lights) and asked her to remember that “This is a Christian area and there are Children [sic].” If she kept up the relentless gayness, the note warned, the neighbor might be forced to call the police.

Maryland Teen Can Finally Become an Eagle Scout, Now That Gay Ban is Finally Lifted

The Tessier brothers. Photo via GLAAD.
The Tessier brothers. Photo via GLAAD.

Pascal Tessier was total Eagle Scout material. The Kensington, Maryland teen is an upstanding citizen who is passionate about helping his community. But even though he fulfilled all the requirements for his Eagle Award, the Boy Scouts of America threatened to withhold it from him… because he’s gay.