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Millstone Cellars Cocktail Takeover at LeGarage


Millstone Cellars

catch of the day fish (2)If that headline just blew your mind, it could be for one of two reasons. The first is that those are a lot of words that don’t necessarily retain any meaning when strung together in that way. The second is that if any of those things (Millstone Cellars or LeGarage, say) do mean anything to you, you know it’s time to get excited and mark your calendar. So here’s where we break it down. Millstone Cellars is our top fave local cider-maker. Are there others? Maybe. But these guys have it down. Everything they brew tastes like it’s from a fairytale, and yet is distinctly grownup. LeGarage is the hot new craft booze spot in Hampden, and also a purveyor of gourmet fries and other eats. And a cocktail takeover is just what it sounds like.

Harvest and Crush Grapes for Dove Valley Wine


Dove Valley Wine

catch of the day fish (2)Did anyone else grow up thinking that wine was made when vintners filled barrels with grapes and then stomped them into juice with their feet? That may have happened once upon a time, but certainly it’s not the way these days. But still, creating wine from what begins as grapes on a vine is a lot of work– and yet, it can also be a lot of fun. So we’re overjoyed that Dove Valley Wine is opening up their rows of vines to volunteers– and offering us all the chance to help with the harvest. And to make it even more fun, they’re throwing in lunch and a bottle of wine to take home for all those who volunteer. Does it really get any better?

Cecil County Food & Wine Festival


Cecil County Food and Wine

catch of the day fish (2)If summer in the city is starting to make you swelter, maybe it’s time to get more proactive about weekend day trips. And thanks to our fabulous location, where we’re generally a short jump to anything from beaches to countryside, to historic colonial towns, to our nation’s capital, that’s a pretty easy thing to do. This weekend, you can beat the heat (kind of) by heading northwards a bit to the charming town of North East for the Cecil County Food & Wine Festival. There’s always been plenty to love about this small-town, one-day festival, but this year, they’ve teamed up with Maryland Wineries, so it’s a whole new level of awesome.

Summer Wine and Music at Linganore Wine Cellars


White WIne

catch of the day fish (2)According to Linganore Wine Cellars, “summer is for sangria.” We can’t possibly argue with that. A crisp, cool sangria full of fruit rounds out any summer evening, and goes well with a variety of foods. Linganore is happy to help inspire your summer food-sangria pairings all month with their Summer is for Sangria event. And if you believe that summer is also for great outdoor music, and as many excuses as possible to get out of the city for some fresh air, then Linganore’s many other summer events may interest you as well. Their summer calendar is chock full of events and tastings—all great excuses to head out to the country for a bit.

Fired Up February Continues at DeJon Vineyard


Fired Up February

catch of the day fish (2)Here’s the logic of one of our favorite local wineries: “if this was a leap year, the 29th of February would’ve been a Saturday. So, logically, we’re rolling on one more week with Fired Up February — in March!” In other words, too much of a good thing is fabulous. If you’re unfamiliar with DeJon Vineyard’s Fired Up February event—it features some of our very favorite things: amazing local wine, live acoustic music, and absolutely perfect wood fired pizza from the one-of-a-kind, River House Pizza. A match made in heaven? Maybe. Or a match made in Maryland’s gorgeous agricultural hills.

It’s Maryland Wine Week (Special Attn: Teachers!)


Maryland Wine Week

catch of the day fish (2)No, we’re not just calling for teachers’ special attention because they could all surely use a drink right about now. We’re spreading the word because it’s Maryland Wine Week, and one feature of that (out of many) are Teacher Appreciation Days at some local wineries. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s Father’s Day, too. We know. And of course there are plenty of local wine events geared toward honoring dad. But come on! We gotta give it up for the teachers, too. Looking for other specialized wine affairs? There’s Women & Wine night, movie nights, pets with disabilities night (yes, really), and more. And with the wealth of Maryland wineries—each with its own personality and specialty, surely there is at least one event tailored just for you. For example, we’ll be first in line at the Yard Sale and Wine event, and we’ll be incognito at the Grateful Dead tribute show.

Zumba at DeJon Vineyards



catch of the day fish (2)You know that here at Catch of the Day we’re all about National Health and Fitness Month (that’s May, just so you know). We’re into getting active, being healthy, and that indescribable endorphin rush you get after a really good workout. But you know what we’re also into? Leisure. The simple pleasure of relaxing, kicking back, and enjoying spring. Oh yes—and we really appreciate how much easier that is when you’ve got a glass of good wine in hand. Now, for those who see this as even the slightest contradiction—sweat and toil vs. indulgent sloth—might we direct your attention to the genius of DeJon Vineyards, and their combo Zumba/wine-tasting evening this Friday.

Taste Award-Winning Maryland Wines at Evergreen Thursday: Limited Ticket Availability!




Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the fun has to end!  Stave off the winter blues and attend the inaugural  Winter  Wine  at  Evergreen  event  on Thursday, January  10th,  2013,  from 7  to  10  p.m.  at  the  Evergreen  Museum  &  Library’s  Carriage  House.   Sample  over  25  Maryland  wines, all of which have  earned  top  awards  or  are  special  selections  of  tasting  curators  Al  Spoler  and  Hugh  Sisson  of  WYPR’s  Cellar  Notes.    In keeping with the made-in-Maryland theme,   Baltimore  caterer  Chef’s  Expressions  will  serve  passed  hors  d’oeuvres  featuring  locally-sourced  Maryland  ingredients.