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Baltimore Business Offers Local Flowers with a Conscience for Valentine’s Day

Local Color Flowers

Buying flowers is a Valentine’s Day standard, and few gifts make someone feel as admired as a big, vibrant bouquet. A study by Rutgers University researchers in 2005 concluded that flowers have both an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on mood. People who are regularly around flowers demonstrate a higher sense of life enjoyment and satisfaction. They are a fail-safe gift that everyone loves. But have you ever considered the environmental impact of buying flowers?

Stop by Love Me Two Times and Check Out the New Arrivals: Louis Vuitton, Bottega, Kimberly McDonald


Andrea, owner of Love Me Two Times, has her arms full of new merchandise! This week Valentino and Bottega bags, and more hot designer labels. Check out the Kimberly McDonald 18kt and diamond Geode bracelet! She wants you to have the first peek! Andrea, where do you find this stuff?! And most importantly, how can you sell it for next to nothing?  Take a gander through her store: the hippest and funkiest high-end consignment fashion that Baltimore has to offer! And did I mention her prices are insane?!! Here’s what Andrea has to say:

This Bottega is ultra chic in a techno, perforated kinda way!!!  Perfect for a chic gym visit or a stylish night away!!!
This Bottega is ultra chic in a techno, perforated kinda way!!!
Perfect for a chic gym visit or a stylish night away!!!


This is a Kimberly McDonald,18kt and diamond Geode bracelet. It is current at Bergdorf's and retails for over $3,000.00. It's here and it's GORGEOUS!!!
This is a Kimberly McDonald,18kt and diamond Geode bracelet. It is current at Bergdorf’s and retails for over $3,000.00.
It’s here and it’s GORGEOUS!!!
Stunning Valentino!! Fabulous Color Combo!!
Stunning Valentino!!
Fabulous Color Combo!!

Love Me Two Times (Baltimore Maryland), luxury, designer and vintage re-sale boutique, is Baltimore’s best kept secret!  Imagine having access to the closet of your favorite celebrity, stylist or fashion icon! Welcome to Love Me Two Times, where you will find the hottest, latest, current designer and killer vintage clothing and accessories at a fraction of the original retail cost. It’s like walking into a dream closet with your very own personal stylist to dress you from head to toe!

Make sure to remember Love Me Two Times as you do your spring cleaning!  It provides a great way for you to make extra cash, too! Let them sell your designer clothes and bags.  Just call to set up an appointment.  You will be amazed at what your vintage treasures will earn.


600 Wyndhurst Ave, Baltimore, MD.

(410) 323-1070 

How to Buy a Thanksgiving Turkey (It’s Harder Than It Used to Be)


Time was, the hardest thing about a Thanksgiving turkey was cooking it. Buying one was easy: you just grab a shrinkwrapped Butterball from the frozen meat section in your supermarket and bring it home to your refrigerator. Lately, however, public interest in the ethics and health-consequences of conventional livestock breeding and raising has complicated the former no-brainer. We now find ourselves lost in a wilderness of pleasant sounding but poorly defined certifications. Here’s a compass for the food-conscious:

A heritage turkey can be any of several domestic breeds that retain many characteristics of wild turkeys (e.g. the ability to breed naturally, a long life span and slow development) that conventional supermarket varieties lack. Heritage breeds are typically pasture-raised, and can cost as much as five dollars per pound.

A bird may be of any breed to qualify as organic—and the one you buy in the supermarket may very well be of the modern, unviably top-heavy variety. The designation guarantees that the turkey was raised on an organic diet without hormones or antibiotics and was grazed in areas free of herbicides and pesticides.

Despite our traditional associations with the term, a free range turkey did not necessarily while away the hours in an idyllic paradise. According to the USDA, a bird qualifies as “free range” if the producers “demonstrate to the Agency that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside.” On some farms, “access” can mean as little as opening a door to an overpopulated coop that the oblivious birds never venture through. If humane treatment is important to you, you may want to look for language like “pasture raised.” Or better yet, ask your farmer point blank about her methods.

But what about taste? Well, it depends. Heritage turkeys, like their wild cousins, don’t sport “super-sized” chests, and therefore carry a higher percentage of dark meat, which some people prefer, but many don’t. Heritage breeds are also naturally a bit chewier than conventional turkeys. Altering your roasting protocol (to include a day of preparatory brining) will help compensate.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture compiled a list of the state’s turkey farms with contact information and notes on varieties available, making it easier to eat local this Thanksgiving.

Current Gallery Commodifies Fine Art


Eighty plus artists (mostly from Baltimore) are showing their work as part of CART at the Current Gallery. CART is a novel gallery show that recreates the atmosphere of a mini-mart. Shelves and magazine stands are filled with affordably priced works that parody items found at a grocery store.

The show’s curators sought to explore the effect of taking something typically seen as an unnecessary luxury (fine art) and selling as if it is a weekly staple. At CART you will find neatly packaged bread tags, fake pies and plastic wrapped “Bob Ross style” paintings among other items. If something catches your eye, it’s likely very affordable. If not, it’s worth the experience of browsing around a bizarro fine art supermarket.

CART is running until Sept 4 at the Current Gallery and can be viewed on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4.