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Mother’s Day Special at Medieval Times


Mother's Day at Medieval Times

catch of the day fish (2)Isn’t every mother’s dream to wake up on Mother’s Day morning with a perfectly lovely evening of jousting to look forward to? Sure, Mother’s Day usually calls to mind saccharine greeting cards and modest floral bouquets, but what do you get for the mom who’s had enough of all that? For the mom who dreams of chain mail, bloody battles, and flagons full of grog? Why, a Mother’s Day package at Medieval Times, of course. And unlike the usual Mother’s Day fare, this gift is fun for the whole family—knights, maidens, squires, and all.

Towson Tigers Meet Some Knights in Shining Armor


Most halftime games feature a marching band, or maybe some cheerleaders doing flips. If things are really crazy, then the mascot gets involved. But the Towson football team has decided to take halftime shenanigans to the next level:  They’re bringing in a couple of knights from Medieval Times for a live sword fight.