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Four Hopkins Students Robbed on the First Day of School


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Oh dear:  four female Johns Hopkins undergrads were robbed at gunpoint during the school’s move-in day on Wednesday, the university’s security team reports.

The circumstances of this particular crime — teenage perps; a gun; no suspects located — will sound familiar enough to anyone who’s lived in Baltimore long enough to get mugged (or to know someone who’s been mugged). But there’s something exceedingly sad — even by Baltimore standards — about getting held up on your first day of school.

Johns Hopkins’ Class of Incoming Freshmen is Impressive



Guess who just moved to Baltimore? The Johns Hopkins Class of 2017 (does that make you feel old?). As you might expect, the 17th-best university in the world snagged an amazing crop of students, including the top-ranked U.S. water skier and the founder of a sustainable tree farm in Uganda.

Johns Hopkins Freshman Move-In Day Through the Ages

In 1970, Johns Hopkins admitted women for the first time. One consequence of all-male colleges was that these guys apparently never learned how to be subtle about checking out women.

As you noticed if you tried to drive through Charles Village yesterday, it’s move-in time for incoming freshman at Johns Hopkins. The university put together some photos of freshmen move-in day through the ages that proves that while hairstyles may change, carrying boxes and checking out your fellow students remains consistent across the decades. More photos below: