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Now, a Chance to Name the Maryland Zoo’s Two Grizzly Cubs

Photo by Jeffrey F. Bill, Courtesy of Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Remember those two furry beasts recently taken in by the Maryland Zoo in Druid Hill Park? The zoo is now offering the public a chance to name them.

Downtown Neighborhoods Get New Names


Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.56.49 PM

Neighborhood names are a funny thing. They can give an area a sense of identity and unity; even the most seemingly unflattering names can become a marker of pride (witness Pigtown’s annual piglet races). So of course, now that Baltimore’s Downtown Partnership is pushing hard to get people to move downtown, they’re working to rehab the city map — by giving downtown neighborhoods new names.

The Baltimore Sun’s Jacques Kelly got an earful of some of the new names being considered. Here are a few he mentions, as well as my own subjective evaluation:

+Bromo – An uninspired, but solid, choice for the streets surrounding the eponymous tower. Has a hint of “bro” to it, which sounds about right. 7/10.