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Bonsal, Cangialosi Are Baltimore’s Most Popular Angel Investors


Who are Baltimore’s most popular angel investors?

Citybizlist polled our readers to find out the angels that entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs and the venture community most like.

Frank Bonsal Jr. and Greg Cangialosi topped the poll, each winning 20% of the total votes. Mike Lombardi was a close third, with 17% of the votes.

Deric Emry was fourth with 14%, John Commack was fifth with 11% votes and

Ed Chalfin and Dave Troy were joint sixth, with 7% votes each.

Here is a snapshot of the top three angel investors:

Frank Bonsal Jr.
Frank Bonsal Jr. has over 30 years of venture capital experience, starting as a general partner with Alex.Brown & Sons. In 1978, he co-founded New Enterprise Associates, which today is the nation’s largest VC firm with $8.5 billion in managed investments. He has also served as co-founder and director of Red Abbey Venture Partners, a vintage 2004 life sciences fund.

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The Sharing Economy: It’s Not Just Nice to Share, It Could Be the Next Big Thing



From bike shares to spare couches, from swapping clothes to trading tools, the sharing economy has picked up steam in the past five years. Some trend watchers point to Millennials as the source of the national uptick. Others say that a renewed interest in all things green as well as a new brand of thriftiness that started in the recession has led to the growth in collaborative consumption.