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New England Seafood Takeover at Artifact Coffee


Blue Bellies

catch of the day fish (2)Here in Baltimore, we like our seafood. It’s a strong source of local pride, and every out-of-town guest is always treated to at least one meal that shows off the best the bays have to offer. Summer means crabs and grilled fish, and cookouts that feature all manner of maritime delicacies. But there are other people, in other states who also somehow claim seafood as their “thing.” People even travel to these other states for the opportunity to try some. It’s strange, we know. But it happens. And if you’ve ever wondered what they could possibly be up to up north with their lobsters and crabs that could be so great, you can skip the trip up 95 and just head straight to Artifact Coffee this week when Blue Bellies food truck takes over one of our favorite cafes, bringing New England style seafood to our shores.

Baltimore Woman Responsible for Offensive Torrey Smith Tweet Apologizes


You think you know how offensive Twitter can get, and then you see the now infamous pair of micro-missives from Baltimore-residing Patriots fan Katie Moody sent after Raven Torrey Smith helped his team deliver a narrow victory over New England on Sunday, hours after learning of his brother’s death in a motorcycle accident.