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Big Fish: Fox45’s Kai Jackson Talks About Being on TV and Journalism in Baltimore

Courtesy Kai Jackson

Even leading up to college, Kai Jackson never planned to be on TV. In fact, when he first enrolled at South Carolina State College, he was an engineering major, though he admits now that may not have been the best fit.

Baltimore Sun Buys Up Two More Metro Area Papers


Baltimore Sun Buys Two Metro Area Papers

If newspapers are dead, it looks like no one told the Baltimore Sun Media Group. Either that or they’ve got a plan to go out with a bang. The Baltimore Sun’s parent company, after whetting its appetite on the City Paper, went and bought The Capital and the Carroll County Times for who knows how much.

That may already seem like plenty, but with those two newspapers come a slew of affiliated websites and periodicals including the Maryland Gazette, Crofton-West County Gazette, Bowie Blade News, Capital Style Magazine, the Anne Arundel County Guidebook in Anne Arundel; and Community Times, Carroll Living, Central Maryland Homes, three Advocate newspapers, three Purchasing Power papers and the Mason-Dixon Marketplace and Shopper in Carroll County. (Wheezes uncontrollably.) Sorry, people. I typed all that in one breath.