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GreenLaurel: Education and Recycling Come Together at the Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap

Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap is a great reason to clean out your office.

“When you see posters, pictures, pencils, and supplies in a classroom, more than likely, a teacher paid for that,” said Melissa Badeker, co-founder of the super-cool nonprofit Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap.

Together with Kathleen Williams, Badeker solved this school supply “distribution” problem with help from an Open Society Institute-Baltimore grant. The former Baltimore City teachers opened a school supply hub where educators can shop for classroom materials at no cost. Since 2014, they’ve swapped $78,000 worth of supplies that would have most likely been trashed. Learn from their effort how you can shop, donate or volunteer and help make Baltimore’s schools better and teachers happier.

Baltimore Justice Fund launched to address ‘root causes’

Eric Garner
Baltimore protests another grand jury decision, via WJZ.

The U.S. Department of Justice officially opened an investigation into the Baltimore Police Department on Friday, indicating that the national scrutiny of local law enforcement won’t end anytime soon, the New York Times reports. To support the effort to improve police-community relations, the Open Society Institute launched a new fund.