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Out-of-Control Partying in Towson Results in Shooting, Pepper Spray, Police Dogs


Sheesh. We thought the biggest issue at Towson University’s homecoming this weekend was going to be that stupid Third Eye Blind concert; instead, the post-game celebration resulted in riotous partying that took over York Road and ended with one young man shot multiple times, and at least six people arrested.

Beachgoers Beware – Senior Week 2012 Hits Ocean City NOW


If you plan to visit the Ocean City area in the near future, be prepared for Senior Week 2012. Senior (alternatively “Beach”) Week is when graduating high school seniors leave their new diplomas at home and speed their way down to Ocean City for a week of whatever sort of twisted celebration they can come up with.

I remember last year racing to untangle myself from my graduation tuxedo so I could pull on a swimsuit and hop into a car headed down to the beach — I’ve never had so much trouble from a cummerbund.

Ocean City’s Senior Week used to be attended mainly by kids from Maryland and D.C.; Delaware and Jersey usually have their own thing going down, and the whole beach event wasn’t a fad south of the Mason-Dixie line. But the last few years have seen an ever broader group of kids coming to Ocean City – I had a roommate this year from Pittsburgh who had stayed only a few blocks away from me, and I know several people from New Jersey who said they’d been there as well.

With the increase in volume has come heightened concern about the safety of the seniors. Senior Week is notorious for being a giant party, with drunk teens wandering the streets and cops zipping down Coastal Highway dishing out citations. I have a friend who described it as a giant, very real game of “Cops and Seniors.”

Technically there is no official “Senior Week” – it’s just the week after your school has graduation, but the most popular stretch is June 4 – 11th. The festivities generally cool down by the end of the month.

As someone who was at Senior Week last year, my main suggestion to non-seniors who’ll be down there is avoid the bus.  And for Christ’s sake don’t let your kids on there.