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Feds Stop Destructive Alien Beetles at the Port of Baltimore


U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in Baltimore saved the country from some very bad hombres last week, though they’re probably not what President Trump had in mind when he first used the phrase on the campaign trail.

Berger’s Bakery in Lexington Market Reopens After Two Days

Courtesy Berger's Bakery/Lexington Market
Courtesy Berger’s Bakery/Lexington Market

That was quick. The decades-old Berger’s Bakery in Lexington Market reopened on Wednesday following an inspection, just two days after the Baltimore City Health Department ordered its closure.

Stink Bugs: Taking over the World, One U.S. Region at a Time


About two years ago, I opened the cabinet in my son’s bathroom and discovered a disgusting sight: hundreds of stink bugs crawling throughout, covering the inside of the cabinet.  He was away at college and apparently the bugs found his attic bedroom and bath a nice, cozy retreat.  A look in his bedroom revealed many more of the “stinkers” on pillows, blankets, in closets. We exterminated but it only chased them down to the master bedroom. We’ve been fighting them off ever since.

But my battle with the pesky pests has been nothing compared with that of  Maryland resident Doug Inkley, who told the Washington Post that he had 56,205 stink bugs in and around his home. His problem got so bad, friends refused to come to his home:

“I literally have made homemade chili and had to throw it out because there were stink bugs in it,” said Inkley, who lives in Knoxville, Md., near the West Virginia border. “I have had people refuse to come over for dinner because they knew about my stink bug problem.”

Apparently, the bugs, technically the Halyomorpha halys or Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, were first discovered in Allentown, Pa.  West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania have been particularly hard hit.
The good news is the bugs appear to be moving South.

We definitely have seen fewer bugs in our house so far this year, but it’s not over. How about you? What are your stink bug horror stories? Can you top stink bug chili?