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Baltimore’s Best Snow Pictures

Photo via Reddit
Photo via Reddit

So far this year, Baltimore has seen nearly a foot more snow than we’d expect during an average winter. And because we’re just that kind of city, we’ve found all sorts of ways to get creative with the white stuff. Here are some of our favorite snow day images from this winter; if you’ve got some of your own, please send them to us!

This Week in Research: Early Puberty for Boys, Rising Sea Levels, & the Politics of Photos


In this series, we look at the newest findings coming out of our area’s top research universities. We’ve got some great minds in Baltimore — let’s learn what they’re learning!

We’ve long been panicked about girls hitting puberty much earlier than in the past, whether the blame is placed on hormones in food or other environmental factors. But researchers from UNC, Johns Hopkins, and other schools have recently found that boys, too, are entering puberty as early as 9 — and no one really has a plan for how to deal with that yet.

Baltimore Ravens Ham it Up for the Camera


You know how your little brother used to mess up every family photo by sticking out his tongue, giving grandma bunny ears, or making grotesque faces? Well, then Terrell Suggs is the little brother of the Baltimore Ravens — and it’s totally awesome.

Amazing Photos of MICA from 1970s Prove That Art Students Have Fun, Look Cool

Hanging out after an art opening at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD. 1976

We just stumbled on photographer Paula Gillen‘s amazing photographs of MICA students in the 1970s (when Gillen herself attended the art school). They’re disconcerting, in that they clearly come from a bygone era of omnipresent cigarettes and grainy film (instead of grainy Instagram filters), but a quick browse also reveals that today’s art students don’t look all that different. Odds are, though, that they bought their Bowie t-shirts at Urban Outfitters instead of at a concert. Some of our favorite blasts-from-the-past are below; check out Gillen’s whole flickr set here.

Spandex and Superheroes at Baltimore’s Comic Con


Baltimore’s convention center hosted Comic Con last week, and sure, there were panels and signings and celebrity guests. But the real fun was with the crowd, who took their superhero costumes to the next level. Photos credit if0rg0t2remember.