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Md. Lawmakers Consider Making ‘Revenge Porn’ a Felony

Del. Jon Cardin
Del. Jon Cardin

Del. Jon Cardin made good on his promise to introduce into the House a bill that would make the “nonconsensual disclosure of sexually explicit pictures and videos” a felony in Maryland. Under Cardin’s proposal, conviction of maliciously posting “revenge porn” would come with a five-year prison term and a fine of $25,000.

It may sound like a stiff penalty for leaking a dirty picture, but revenge porn has devastating consequences for its victims, more than a few of whom wind up committing suicide.

Brad Pitt Throws His Money at the Campaign for Question 6


Add Brad Pitt’s name to the list of celebrities who support same-sex marriage in Maryland. The man whose face I see every time I enter a grocery store donated $25,000 to the cause. Not only does the money come at a welcome time for supporters of Question 6, but it’s like  an endorsement from Tyler Durden, Benjamin Button, Achilles, and that vampire he played in that vampire movie all at once.

College Professor and Former Maryland Senate Candidate Ready to Predict Winner in Presidential Election

Allan Lichtman

You may have thought presidential campaigns were complicated, mysterious affairs — each side tasked with navigating a storm of endless variables where unintended consequences (in public opinion) abound. Not so, says presidential historian and failed 2006 Maryland senate candidate Allan Lichtman. According to him, the race to the White House comes down to 13 “keys” — simple declarative sentences that, if true, would favor the re-election of the incumbent party. If five or fewer keys are false, then the popular vote goes to the incumbent party; if six or more are false, it goes to the challenging party.