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“Bizarro SRB” Is the Mayor We Wish We Had


Have you checked out Bizarro SRB on Twitter? She’s so great! She’s using the $107 million TIF subsidy to rehab vacant properties instead of giving it to Inner Harbor developers, she’s opening meetings to the public because she believes in transparency, and she’s organizing a city-wide composting initiative. She listens to citizens, not rich developers. Oh yeah, and she’s totally fake. (What was your first clue?) I’m not sure who runs the account, but whoever s/he is, s/he is doing a great job of satirizing the current state of city affairs in only 140 characters. Some of the highlights below: 

HBO Releases VEEP Preview


The position of Vice President of the United States often seems like an afterthought. Hollywood usually helps perpetuate this idea. Remember Dave? In that movie a man was pulled off the street to impersonate the President rather than risk boring audiences with a plot centered on how a Vice President would assume presidential duties.

In “VEEP,” Executive Producer Armando Iannucci has bucked tradition and created a comedy series titled after and featuring the overlooked leader. The HBO series, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as VP Selina Meyer, was filmed at various Baltimore locations last fall, including The Maryland Institute College of Art and the Mount Washington offices of international law firm DLA Piper.

The series debuts on April 22 at 10pm, but you can get a preview of season one by watching the trailer. The show is filmed as if the actors are improvising their way through the dialogue — much like actual politicians appear to stumble through their decisions, but each episode is scripted. Reviews of the trailer predict the show will be a hit. The sneak preview does highlight some laugh out loud moments depicting politics more honestly than any mainstream TV in recent memory.

And ever wonder what happened to the loveable Anna Chlumsky who played Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl? She plays Amy, the VEEP’s chief of staff. She has few lines in the trailer, but her facial expressions have me anticipating that she will be a comedic asset to the cast.