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Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Fest: Feel the Burn Outside the Gym


American bourbon labels

Bourbon headlining an event this close to the Mason-Dixon line? Happily, yes. The Fifth Annual Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival takes place this weekend, starting Friday, March 23, at Timonium Fairgrounds.

The festival features 40 bourbons — among the 60 beers and pits of BBQ — all available for sampling.  The menu of bourbon includes classics such as 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, Maker’s Mark, and Booker’s. However, options like the Evan Williams Cherry Reserve and Red Stag Honey Tea reflect a recent trend in bourbon expansion, flavor infusions. Larry Kass, spokesman for Heaven Hill Distilleries, which includes the Evan Williams brand, has called the flavored bourbons, “a gateway-type product into the category.”