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WBAL-TV’s Omar Jimenez Drops Rap EP, ‘Reporting Live’

Still via “Ready for It” music video, via OJ Trop/YouTube

Even if you haven’t heard of local hip-hop artist OJ Trop, there’s a good chance you’ve seen him on the evening news.

John Waters Manages to Get Older And Cooler Somehow


Although he exists in many people’s imaginations as a provocative young upstart, John Waters is 65 and owns three houses. He’s made a lucrative living from shocking people like his parents, which puts him in an interesting position these days:  the rebel who’s become canonical. But somehow he’s managed to inhabit that contradiction with style and self-awareness; he may be mellowing out, but he might also be getting cooler. He recently spoke with the Wall-Street Journal about rap music, plastic surgery, scheduling hangovers in advance, and being a six-year old who “played car accident all day.” Some select quotes below: