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“Things I’ll Need for the Seduction”: An Interview with Sondheim Winner Renee Stout

“The House of Chance & Mischief”

Seasoned artist Renee Stout, who won the $30,000 Janet and Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize for 2012, is a multi-media maker who creates her art, at least in part, by consistently taking on a fierce fictional identity. Her alter-ego’s intriguing first name: Fatima.

When I visited Stout’s exhibition – currently on display at the BMA, along with the work of all spectacular Sondheim finalists, Lisa Dillin, Jon Duff, Hasan Elahi, Matthew Janson and John McNeil, until July 29th – I was most struck by those pieces in which the mind of this Fatima Mayfield, a gifted spiritual healer, seems most alive and participant. The staged photographs, starring Renee/Fatima in dreadlocks and platform heels, yes, also thought-provoking, but less so for me than the art-text-involved works that seem to stream from both women’s brains, creator and character.