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With sweeping rental housing law now in effect, advocates push tenants to get their homes inspected

Volunteer Rianna Eckel hands a flyer to two renters outside the courthouse. Photo by Ethan McLeod.

A new law took effect in Baltimore on Aug. 1 requiring landlords to have all of their properties inspected—not just those with three or more units—by the end of this year. But are renters aware?

Jenna Bush House Update


A visit to Federal Hill last week got me thinking, “What ever happened to Jenna Bush Hager’s house?” After a little digging I found this post from our friends over at DCCurbed. Seems that after the Hagars lowered the asking price, there was still a whole lot of nothing. It was taken off the market in the beginning of July and is being rented now for $2,650 a month. Do you think the renters call Jenna when the dishwasher clogs?