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Kinderhook Snacks


Kinderhook Snacks in Baltimore

One of the truest aphorisms is the old, “it takes all kinds.” So many different kinds of people are needed to keep this world running. We need people who can build, people who can teach, and people who can plan. We need people with extraordinary patience, and people who simply spring into action. We need people who are dedicated to local roots and people who reach out and explore new territories. What we maybe didn’t realize—until now—is that we also need people who are dedicated (I mean dedicated) to the art of snacking. Kinderhook Snacks is a company,  “committed to sharing our love of food by crafting wholesome, delicious snacks and building a lively snacking community.” A lively snacking community? One that extends beyond my own kitchen counter and sofa? One that includes other people? Just tell me where to sign!

A Gimmick You Can Sink Your Teeth Into: “Chips and Salsa” to Wed at Highlandtown Farmers’ Market


Move over Will and Kate, the wedding of the century is happening in Baltimore! Tonight, Thursday, September 13, the Highlandtown Farmers’ Market will host the “marriage” of chips and salsa as vendors I Got Salsa and Frank’s Gourmet Chips tie the knot. Stop by the market at Eastern Avenue and Conkling Street at 6:30 p.m. to bear witness to this perfect union, complete with formal wedding attire, bridal parties and a special guest officiant.

I Got Salsa will walk down the “aisle” of the market wearing a gown from Stella’s Bridal & Fashions on the Avenue as Frank’s Gourmet Chips waits at the end in a tuxedo from Horton’s House of Tuxedos. Following the ceremony, musical guest Artherius will rock the reception. Guests will be treated to special deals on — you guessed it — chips and salsa.

The happy couple is registered at the Highlandtown Farmers’ Market.