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Barb Mikulski is Getting Her Own Exhibit in the Renovated Pratt Central Library

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Senator Barb’s legacy will be memorialized in a permanent exhibition inside Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Central Library once its massive renovation is complete.

Mikulski Argues Sequestration Cuts Will Cost Us in the Long Run

Sen. Barb Mikulski
Sen. Barb Mikulski

Johns Hopkins has been feeling the pain of sequestration’s across-the-board spending cuts in the form of a dearth of federal research dollars, and Sen. Barb Mikulski is fighting mad. The cuts — which total $70 million for Hopkins Medicine and have required “dozens” of layoffs — have led Mikulski to declare her desire to “cancel sequester.”

According to the Baltimore Sun, if the Maryland Democrat had her druthers, she’d not only return the National Institutes of Health’s budget to pre-sequestration level; she’d up it by $1 billion. The way she sees it, funding research into the treatment and cure of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s wil save money paid out through Medicaid in the long run.