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Young Endangered Horse Fourth Animal in a Year to Die Under Care of National Zoo

A Przewalski's horse
A Przewalski’s horse

At the National Zoo’s Virginia research site, a four-month-old Przewalski’s horse, endangered in the wild, died after apparently charging at a fence and breaking its neck. That makes four animals dying under the Zoo’s care in the past year. Last December a red river hog died of septicemia, due to “improper nutrition.” A pregnant kudu broke its neck running at a wall in June. A Dama gazelle died in a similar way.

Beyond unfortunate and — according to the zoo — preventable deaths. The institution has been the site of  several animal escapes and a zebra attack

I Know You’re Sick of Voting, but This Is Important



In an effort to upstage Election Day, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo announced yesterday that the name of the new female giant panda cub is being put to a vote.

There are five Mandarin names to choose from, nominated by “U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke and family, PRC Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai, National Zoo giant panda keepers, Wolong giant panda keepers (where she will move when she turns four years old) and the Friends of the National Zoo.”

Here they are:

Blackout of National Zoo’s Panda Cam Kicks Off Government Shutdown



The government shutdown that has been hanging over our heads in the latest example of Congress’s inability to function has actually begun! After the House and Senate engaged in a legislative feedback loop that failed pass a spending bill late Monday night, the shutdown went into effect at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

Sure, there are 800,000 non-essential federal workers who will be temporarily laid-off right after they shut down their operations this morning. And, yeah, employees “necessary to ensure national security and protect Americans’ lives and property” will be working without pay. But the government shutdown affects us all. 

Baltimore Poet Helps Bring Rare Ted Berrigan-Anne Waldman Video Footage into Public Record

Poets Anne Waldman and Ted Berrigan
Poets Anne Waldman and Ted Berrigan

Just in time for Memorial Day, the Smithsonian Institute released to its YouTube page previously unseen video footage of “Second-Generation New York School” poets Anne Waldman and Ted Berrigan performing their collaborative poem, “Memorial Day,” circa 1973. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, chase down the next person you find on the street brandishing a worn-out copy of some Donald-Allen-edited poetry anthology, and have her explain it.

Anyway, I’m writing about it here because this epic American poetry win (it’s the win that’s epic; the poetry is actually lyric) has a Baltimore dimension. Local experimental poet Megan McShea happens to work at the Archives of American Art and oversaw the preservation of the footage. She even went the extra mile and secured the permissions to make the video freely available on the Internet. Then she went the extra extra mile by sharing with BFB a little bit about her work with the AAA and the story of this particular art document.