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Real Talk on “The Two Baltimores”

Photo of D Watkins by Stacey Watkins
Photo of D Watkins by Stacey Watkins

It’s been great getting to know the work of D Watkins, a Baltimore writer who writes essays about the joys and struggles and contrasts of being born and raised in East Baltimore. Watkins’s latest essay, “Stoop Stories,” opens with Watkins’s invitation to speak at the popular Stoop Storytelling series. As soon as he walked through the lobby, Watkins writes, he realized it was one of those events:

By ‘those events’ I mean a segregated Baltimore show that blacks don’t even know about. I walked through a universe of white faces wondering, how is this even possible? How could we be in the middle of Baltimore, a predominantly black city where African Americans make up more than 60 per cent of the population, at a sold-out event, with no black people – except for me and the friends I brought?

Stoop Stories Operates at Hopkins Friday!


Sometimes spending an evening at Johns Hopkins Medicine isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For one night only the innovators of the Stoop Storytelling series will combine with the innovators at Johns Hopkins Medicine for an operation that is sure to be a success.

On Friday, May 4th, the JHMI Office of Cultural Affairs will host The Stoop Storytelling Series in Turner Auditorium for “Hopkins: A World Inside a City, II.” Seven storytellers will get seven minutes each to share true, personal tales about close calls, humbling experiences, great victories, and crushing defeats — anything that shines a light on what life is truly like at the renowned medical institution.

Amongst the storytellers are some of Hopkins’ best-known, including Dr.Robert Montgomery, director of the Comprehensive Transplant Center, Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa (a.k.a. Dr Q), associate professor of neurological surgery and oncology, neuroscience, and cellular and molecular medicine, and Dr. Chris Kraft, co-director of the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit.

As always, three audience members will be selected at random to hop on stage and share their own abbreviated tales of medical miracles.

Award-winning restaurant Clementine will be vending food before the show and local troubadour Caleb Stine will sing before the show.

For tickets, click here.