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"Embroidered Treasures" at the BMA


Think you’re pretty crafty? Come view the BMA’s current textiles exhibition and knock yourself down a peg.

Embroidered Treasures features more than a dozen nineteenth and twentieth century textile pieces from what are now Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikstan. The pieces are splendid geometrical arrangements of flowers, insects, and animals handstitched by Central Asian women for urban and nomadic homes.

Looking at these ornate wedding canopies, wall hangings, and prayer mats it’s fun to imagine a time when wealth was projected by brightly colored silk embroidery rather than a fancy car or a plasma-screen TV. And in an age where almost everything you own was mechanically produced, these handmade textiles only seem more spectacular.

Embroidered Treasures: Textiles from Central Asia is on view at the BMA through May 13.