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Baltimore Gets a New Thrift Store



PlanetAid is a non-profit that collects and recycles used clothing “to protect the environment and support sustainable development in impoverished communities around the world.” For years, they’ve done so by collecting donations in big metal bins marked with their distinctive yellow and blue logo. As of this week, the organization will sell some of the clothes it collects in its first-ever thrift store–which just happens to be located in Baltimore.



dressBaltimore writer Susan Middaugh ponders the hallowed tradition of handing down one’s wedding dress to her daughter–should historic happy-ending circumstances prevail? And if not?

The dress hung in my mother’s attic for over 20 years and in my basement for nearly a decade. The heavy plastic which protected the gown after its one and only wearing had collected dust and grime from years of neglect. But the contents of the plastic bag, sealed tight by a local dry cleaner, retained the winsome appeal that had attracted me in the first place. It was still a pretty dress, simple but elegant, with a single row of flowers down the front and along the bottom edge. The dry cleaner, who may have been a curator in a previous life, had even taken the trouble to shape the dress in a female form and fluffed it throughout with pink tissue paper visible at the neck.