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University System of Maryland urges post-spring break remote instruction, colleges cancel classes to prepare

Image courtesy of University System of Maryland

University System of Maryland Chancellor Jay A. Perman urged universities to prepare for students to remain off campus for at least two weeks after the end of spring break, during which time instruction should be given remotely.

“The health of our students, faculty, and staff is my paramount concern as the University System of Maryland (USM) develops protocols in response to the coronavirus outbreak,” Perman said in a statement Tuesday. “Our recommendations align with those of our public health experts, and we’re prepared to adapt our protocols quickly as circumstances change.”

Towson-based InferCabulary app uses visuals, context clues to teach vocabulary words

An example of what users can find on the InferCabulary app, including a vocabulary word, related pictures and their accompanying captions. Image courtesy of InferCabulary.

A visual vocabulary-learning app that is looking to change the way students learn and comprehend language recently received a $250,000 joint investment from the University System of Maryland’s Momentum Fund, which supports early-stage companies.

InferCabulary, an app developed by speech and language pathologists Beth Lawrence and Deena Seifert, displays one vocabulary word at a time, accompanied by a collection of pictures, and has students infer a definition for that word based on context clues in the images.