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Study Raises Concerns About Soil Contamination in Urban Farms

Photo by Colby Ware, via OSI
Photo by Colby Ware, via OSI

We love urban gardens for lots of reasons. They turn vacant lots into zones of food production, fill our farmer’s markets with delicious produce, and give backyard hobbyists a way to spend their Sundays. But there’s a potential downside to produce grown in urban soils, according to Johns Hopkins: Soil contamination.

School Garden Project Makes Hampden Neighbors Angry


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At the risk of weighing in on a situation I don’t have first-hand experience with, I’m going to go ahead and say that the Hampden residents opposing the garden project behind a nearby school are in the wrong here.

Foodie Celeb Alice Waters Stops by Baltimore School Garden This Week (Recipe Included)


It would be easy for Alice Waters, the celebrity-chef owner of Chez Panisse and godmother to the organic/local food movement, to spend her days sniffing over heirloom eggplants and other organic delicacies at Berkeley farmers markets. Just like it would’ve been easy for Jennifer Crisp to continue her career as a chef in California, home of the country’s most discerning foodies. But “easy” isn’t necessarily what these women are interested in — which is why you’ll find both of them with their hands in the dirt this week, helping expand one struggling Baltimore City school’s nascent garden program.