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Report: Maryland’s deregulated energy market ‘dysfunctional,’ harming low-income households

Photo by Steve Snodgrass, via Flickr

Maryland’s deregulated energy market, in which third-party electricity and gas suppliers compete with the big utilities, isn’t delivering on promises from 1999 to lower utility rates. In fact, it’s led the roughly one-in-five Maryland households that have switched to third-party suppliers to overpay by a combined $255 million from 2014 to 2017, while allowing companies to take advantage of low-income customers with marketing tactics, according to a new Abell Foundation report.

Event Pick: A Discussion on the ‘Downward Spiral’ of Baltimore’s Water Billing System


What happens when water and sewer rates are too high for at least a third of households to afford their monthly bills? Presently, Baltimore’s solution is to keep hiking the rates. This isn’t going to work out, says one economist.

City Council Unanimously Backs 50 Percent Renewable-Energy Plan for Md. by 2030


For what it’s worth, every one of Baltimore’s council members supports significantly boosting Maryland’s reliance on renewable energy in the next 13 years.