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Maryland Lawmakers Override Gov. Hogan’s Veto to Enact Paid Sick Leave Law

Photo via Sen. Bill Ferguson/Instagram

Thirty Maryland senators today overrode Gov. Larry Hogan’s 2017 veto of a sick-leave bill, requiring employers across Maryland to give hundreds of thousands of workers paid time off for medical reasons.

Hogan Takes Another Whack at Paid Sick Leave with ‘Compromise Proposal’

Still via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

Despite his controversial veto just six months ago, Gov. Larry Hogan still has paid sick leave on his mind.

Gov. Hogan Will Fulfill His Pledge to Veto the Paid Sick Leave Bill that Finally Passed

Still via Gov. Larry Hogan/Facebook

Making good on a two-month old promise, Maryland’s governor today vetoed a bill that would have required small businesses across the state to give employees paid sick leave.

Hogan Vetoes Multi-State Redistricting Bill for Maryland, Calling it a ‘Smoke Screen’

Photo via Gov. Larry Hogan/Twitter

Gov. Larry Hogan was none too pleased when the Maryland legislature didn’t advance his congressional redistricting reform proposal. But that doesn’t mean he preferred the Democrats’ alternative.

Mayor Pugh Decides to Veto Proposed $15 Minimum Wage Increase

Still via Periscope/Mayor Catherine Pugh

Mayor Pugh today reneged on a campaign promise to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, saying she would rather follow the state’s timeline for increasing hourly wages and will veto a proposed increase approved this week by the City Council.

Maryland Lawmakers Override Gov. Hogan’s Veto of 2016 Clean Energy Bill

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Maryland Senate has joined the House of Delegates this week in overriding Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill that will accelerate the timeline for Maryland’s adoption of renewable energy sources.