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Baltimore’s Community Gardens Make Friends with Corner Stores


We’re excited to hear that Reservoir Hill is taking community gardens to the next level:  as of this week, the neighborhood will boast the first corner store to sell fresh produce that’s been grown on a formerly-vacant lot in the community. If ever there was a low-key way to combat food deserts, this might be it.

May the Best Tomato Win!


Pedigree dog shows always seemed completely inane to me, but for some reason the idea of an heirloom vegetable competition is one that I can totally get behind. If you happen to have any odd-looking-but-incredible-tasting tomatoes in your garden, bring them along to Cylburn Arboretum‘s Heirloom Vegetable Celebration this Saturday; you’ll get a chance to vie with other urban gardeners in a juried vegetable show. Only the juiciest tomato will emerge victorious!

Or, if you prefer your vegetables less competitive and more collaborative, you’ll appreciate the accompanying garden tour/party at Whitelock Community Farm in Reservoir Hill; plenty of family-type activities are being planned, most of them vegetable themed.