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Y in Central Maryland plans new center in SW Baltimore, updates to Waverly and Druid Hill locations

A rendering of the planned Y at the Gibbons Commons. Courtesy of the Y in Central Maryland.

The Y in Central Maryland has kicked off a fundraising campaign to convert part of a shuttered Catholic high school in Southwest Baltimore into the city’s third YMCA center.

Turkey Trots Abound on Thanksgiving


Turkey Trot

catch of the day fish (2)Alright. If people want to throw tomatoes at us for recommending a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, fair enough. We’ve personally spent enough Thanksgiving adamantly rejecting the suggestion that we do anything but alternate between lying on the couch and feasting. So sure, if the idea of exercise on that particular day offends you, feel free to skip it. But if you’d like the opportunity to get your blood pumping (and build up a hearty appetite before the feast) signing up for a little 5K walk or run may just be the ticket.