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Towson Cheerleaders Appeal Unprecedented Suspension for Hazing



Jim Lord, executive director of a national cheerleading group, has never heard of an entire cheerleading team being suspended at once. But that’s what happened last week at Towson University.

After an investigation into allegations of hazing — the school won’t say what exactly is alleged to have occurred or how many were involved — the entire squad of more than 30 cheerleaders has been banned from competing, cheering at games, or participating in “any Towson University related activities” for a year.

Baltimore City Schools Alter Zero-Tolerance Weapons Policy



Exhibit "A"

When Park Elementary second grader Josh Welch was suspended for biting his Pop-Tart into the shape of a handgun and waving it around¬†back in March, “zero tolerance” began to look more than a little absurd. And now Baltimore city schools have revised their own zero-tolerance weapons policy to remove the automatic suspension for the possession of items such as toy guns, water pistols, and butter knives.

Even in cases that involve more serious weapons-that-are-not-firearms, principals are now required to try other avenues before suspension, such as a conference with parents. But school officials note that these alternative interventions do not preclude the use of suspension, even in the case of a first offense, if the principal deems it appropriate.