Does anyone remember the last time Maryland felt like it mattered so much in a presidential election?

I have to say, there’s something disconcerting about getting all this attention from presidential candidates–it’s as if we’re living in Iowa or something. Case in point: Ted Cruz made his first visit to Maryland this campaign season yesterday afternoon, when he held a rally at the American Legion on York Road.

“The crowd was a mix of Cruz supporters of long standing, voters who joined his cause after their chosen candidates dropped out of the race, and the merely curious,” the Baltimore Sun reported. “The crowd was made up of a wide mix of men, women, young people and old people. Almost everyone was white.” John Kasich previously stopped by an ice cream shop outside Baltimore, while Donald Trump is reportedly spending his time on the Eastern Shore.

But the candidate who seems to be fostering the closest ties to Baltimore is Bernie Sanders, who spent time meeting with black leaders in the city last December, and more recently opened a campaign office in West Baltimore.

According to polls, Trump and Clinton both hold sizable leads in the state — but if this election season has taught us a lesson, it’s that anything is possible.