Be glad you don’t live in San Francisco or Brooklyn. Recent real estate number-crunching revealed that Brooklyn is the least affordable housing market in the country, with residents earning median income needing to devote 98 percent (!!) of their income to afford mortgage payments on a median-priced home. That doesn’t leave much left over for groceries or, well, anything else.

By other metrics, San Francisco is even less affordable-– to afford average mortgage payments on an average house, you’d need an annual salary of $145,361. And that’s for an average house.

In Baltimore, the numbers are much more easy to swallow. The median home price around here is $255,800, which translates to an annual salary of $59,295.64. And while housing affordability is on the decline around the country– many places are seeing home prices that are higher than they were back in those heady, dangerous housing bubble days. But luckily, Baltimore is not one of them.