Thanksgiving Dinner Décor

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Your fall wardrobe looks warm and toasty, but what about your home? Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it’s time for your crisp white plates, cool linen tablecloth, and sea-glass tumblers to go into hibernation. When writing a shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget that what the food is being served on matters, too. Read on for some tablescape inspiration.


The Room

The beach house feel your home has been embodying all summer could use some warming up. One way to accomplish that is to switch out your cotton curtains for velvet ones. The dining room will immediately feel cozier. Just as you would layer on fall clothes, add layers to your home such as draping a wool throw over the couch so guests falling into turkey comas can snuggle up. Incorporate rustic accents like wood bowls and woven baskets, filling them with Thanksgiving-themed gourds and seedpods.  Click to Read More Table Tips from the Village of Cross Keys.

By Samantha Gurrie  PlaceWise Media Network


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